• Our products have undergone  laboratory testing and they meet latest strict Australian mandatory safety standards.

 AS/NZS 8124  Mechanical & Physical Properties.

          AS/NZS 8124 Flammability

          AS/NZS 8124 Migration of certain Elements.

  • Compliance with highest European Safety Standards (EN 71 – CE Mark – a symbol applied to products to indicate that they conform with relevant EU directives regarding health and safety and / or environmental protection).
  • Unique design, innovative technology
  • Strong / durable – 90% Beechwood. Type of wood normally used in housing and furniture.
  • Aesthetic design – cheerful, visually attractive toys.
  • Bright, vivid, pleasant colours – very appealing to both children + adults themselves.
  • Hand crafted & hand painted.
  • Safe / non toxic – using ecological certified water based paints & lacquers.
  • Water & scratch resistant.
  • European quality – uncompromised quality. Quality recognised at first sight.
  • Conceal charm & tradition.
  • Double safety technology – small parts connected with a joining spring & safety rope, ensuring 100% resilience against pulling & impact. Flexible parts are well stuck & secured with spigots. Stronger material used for textile parts. Silicone rings on wheels promote smooth, quiet movements on any surface without loosing funny motion.
  • Motion function – pull along & push along toys incorporate funny motions when being pulled eg. up and down, side to side, wave like motion (caterpillar); some play on musical instruments. These toys encourage kids to be active, are fun & useful for improving kids coordination & training of motor skills.
  • Original manufacturer – large company in Czech Republic; Established in 1991; Employs over 60 craftsmen, each with their unique skills & attributes; Offers over 950 toys variety; Exports world wide, including US, Canada, Japan, RSA.